Happy 2013!!!

In Brasil, jumping on 7 waves during the new year's eve, you garantee good luck for the rest of the year! Of course is summer in that period here in Brasil, so don't try it if you are on the north hemisphere!!
Anyway...I  hope you all have a Happy New Year!!!


An illustration I did for a blog header.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

'Merry Christmas from Fefê to you! 2012.'

Daily Drawing #18

Daily Drawings #15 & 16 & 17

I've got too lazy these past few days to post the drawings, but here they are now!! Later the yesterday drawing!

Daily Drawing #13

*That's the music from Titãs I'm 'singing' on the drawing, for the curious ones.

Daily Drawing #7 & 8

Tonight I'm gonna post two drawings, because yesterday I was too tired to post the thursday drawing.

And again, I'm sorry if there's some mistake or weird expression/sentence. Feel free to correct me, so I'll get better with time!

Daily Drawings #4

The quality is not the best, but that's because I'm without a scanner right now, so I'm using a camera and the photoshop... But it's gonna get better soon, I promisse!

Fashion Cartoon - I've had an Hermés!

I love fashion, but I love making fun of it too. 

Daily Drawings #1

I really really like the Gemma Correll's diaries, so I decided to do my own diaries!

Some work

Some work I did. It's like a planner but it is in portuguese!

Some work

Some work from 2006.