Might be the sun

But it might be something else.


Cosmic Power-Bird

Nice weather for ducks

Click for full view!


My cousin Isaac wearing my t-shirt design!

I did this design and some other work for Binit, an anti-knife crime clothing company, where if you make a purchase 25% (eventually hopefully more) of the proceeds go to knife crime charities.

Girl and Serpent

Hang On to Your Ego

Perhaps the start of a series of pun-loving egomaniacs?
The bee can be found in the art book/zine Friends not Enemies, which you can buy here

Doodles GO!

Amelia's Drawings

Drawn by my sister, coloured by me. Her kangaroo is AMAZING.

Morning Coffee

Some Characters

Friends not Enemies

"this book is a fabulous square of interest and hilarity! a coming together of artist's from around the globe including: The Netherlands, Sweden, Argentina, Indonesia, Canada, Australia and the UK."

I have a piece in this, a full colour and expanded version of the bee-man that's also on the cover. It's a pleasure to be alongside such inspirational folk.
You can purchase this hand-bound, reasonably priced li'l artifact HERE.