Tuesday's a linkin' day

Anne Timmons, the artist of GoGirl and a friend of the studio, writes: I'll be at the Borders Express at Vancouver Mall, Dec 19, 2004, 12-4 PM in Vancouver, WA. I will be signing for both the first tradepaperback and the new one that came out in September, "The Time Team."

I guess we've all wondered about this one.The Portland Mercury asks former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach which comic

VAMPI Black and White and Read All Over

Still some time to order VAMPIRELLA: THE BLACK AND WHITE COLLECTION #1 from Harris Comics. You'll want this because it features the story "The Killing Floor" by Steve Lieber, and "Hate Mail" by Jeff Parker. Cover by Parker. Other excellent talents inside too, but they're not in Mercury so we can't remember them right now. Place that order before you go over the river, through woods, etc.

Tuesday at the Newark Public Library.

Hey, it's almost Thanksgiving. That means it's almost time for Mid-Ohio Con. Stop by and ask me how I almost lost my pants at this show.

The good people at Moonstone books have a page up promoting the first issue of
Wyatt Earp, The cover, covered in a blanket of lunatic cross-hatching, is my fault, and it will be colored by Big Ugly Parker.

One of my favorite cartoonists, mini-comics genius

We Bay

Our boys are sellin' like Carnegie Mellon (which means they've been uploadin' like Charles Grodin). Parker's got a color Batgirl up on eBay, and Drew Johnson is selling one of his original pages from Wonder Woman. Go get in on some of that Free Market action, and make some bidders sweat.
--Steve Lieber, somewhere in Ohio. Yes, that state.--

Face It, Tiger

First off: I'm a doof. Paul Guinan finally answered pleas from Lieber and me to start posting news here, and I immediately destroyed his first post. Don't ask. Especially bad since he was putting up nice pictures of my first day in the studio, and a new cool current roster picture of Mercury Studio, though with not as much Karl Kesel as we'd like. Terry Dodson too, for that matter. The coolest

The Devin Grayson interview

Over at Comicgate, a German comics site, there's an interesting Devin Grayson interview, in which she turns the tables and offers a slate of questions she'd like to ask men in the industry regarding "men in comics."

Well, okay.

Do you find it difficult to write female characters convincingly?

Oh, Christ. I find it difficult to write anyone convincingly. Men, women, housepets, insects that do

Saturday night linkblogging

I missed this somehow: Fourth Rail recently posted a review of Family Reunion, a mini comic written by Sean Stewart and drawn by me. YAnd now, thanks to the magic of "jpegs," you can read it online for free. It's all here. (For you print junkies, you can buy a hard copy there, too. I think they're asking cost one dollar, so check under the couch cushions and see if you can afford it.)


"the book looks so pro, it’s hard to believe there wasn’t a grant involved."

Enter The Interman, the next evolution in international espionage. By adding an element of science fiction to this most classic storytelling device, creator Jeff Parker is both advancing the genre and returning it to its beloved roots.
Sarah Young at Exclaim Magazine interviews Jeff Parker and reviews The Interman.

Others may have capitulated, but The Batman still thinks the election numbers