Not much. Yourself?

Looks like the news about the Whiteout movie has gone public:In the unsure world of moving comics to the screen, Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber’s Whiteout appears to have taken a large and definitive one, as Production Weekly has confirmed rumors that Kate Beckinsale will play US Marshal Carrie Stetko in the film version of the story, with Dominic (Gone in 60 Seconds) Sena directing.Filming is

The New Edition

Nostalgia for vanished integrity time! Oni's just announced that there'll be a new edition of WHITEOUT. This might be the new cover.Speaking of vanished, looks like Speedball's gone forever. Paul Jenkins responds to intense fan reaction here.Equally intense but less beligerent: more response to Parker's all-Modok issue of Marvel Adventures- The Avengers:Comix Experience | Comic Book ResourcesAnd

Just another Modoc Monday.

"evolution isn't always a move towards sophistication and complexity."Tim O'Shea interviews Jeff Parker for Silver Bullet.And speaking of Parker, it looks like most of the comics blogosphere is doing just that:The Fake Life | Samarcand | Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin | Random Happenstance | | Trusty Plinko Stick | Comics Worth Reading | Bully! | The ISB | Wally Whateley | Every Day

Get well, Cecil!

Ouch! Cecil Castellucci is great at everything she tries, and that's a lot: She's a novelist, musician, film-maker and now, with the MINX line, a comics writer. She's game to try anything, including ice hockey:The rest of the story is at her blogColleen Coover reports that there'll be a Portland signing for the Fantagraphics Beasts! book. Bwana Spoons will be hosting the event at the Grass Hut

Name three Robins

Today's quote: "First I was asked to establish more credentials, and it wasn’t even innocently phrased anymore. One guy said, word for word, 'If you really like Batman, name three Robins.'” From the blog "Adventures in Lame," a woman tells the story of being challenged to prove her geek cred and explains why she's not dating a nerd."Someone at scans_daily did a hilarious job of vandalizing my

Preach, Eddie.

"...the trick of writing a comic book is to describe a picture. having described it, describe the next one. That is the absolutely essential technique that the writer needs to learn. Some do thumbnails, which is a way of keeping the mind on the fact that a picture must be the end result of the writing."-Eddie Campbell, in the comments to this blog post.

Change your brain function.

Attention Rich! Here's your thought for the day: "The odd thing about the claim that eating sugar makes people hyperactive or even violent is that eating any carbohydrate will reliably do just the opposite. Carbohydrates raise the level of the amino acid tryptophan in the bloodstream, which the brain uses to synthesize serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with sleep, analgesia, calm, and even