Matthew Clark art exhibit at Sequential gallery

The Date: July 5thThe Time: 6pm to 10pmThe Place:Sequential Art Gallery & Studio328 NW Broadway #113Portland OR 97209Matthew will be showing art from after his heart attack, so that means there'll be pages from his work on Superman/Batman, The Outsiders and some DC covers. Also on display is an enormous collaboration piece with Aimee Dieterle:See you there!

Appreciating Comics panel at the library.

The Appreciating Comics panel was a huge success. Big crowd. Great questions. Fun. Informative. All that. The moderator was Douglas Wolk, and the panelists were Colleen Coover, Dylan Meconis, Scott McCloud, Jenn Manley Lee, and Gail Simone. Big scramble for seats. It was standing room only, and they wound up turning a lot of people away.Sara Ryan reads the winning door prize number.Scott mixin'

Remender speaks!

Periscope's own Rick Remender interviewed at The Word Balloon here's Tuesday's and Wednesday's excerpts of Derek Kirk Kim's and Jesse Hamm's Good as Lily'll leave it to you folks to guess what the URL for


Appreciating Comics: A Panel Discussionart by Jenn Manley Lee Wednesday, June 27, 6–7:30 p.m. Central Library, U.S. Bank Room801 S.W. 10th Ave.503.988.5234 Join Scott McCloud, author of Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga, and Graphic Novels, and a panel of Oregon cartoonists for a lively, wide-ranging conversation focused on what can be done in comics that can't be done

Good as Lily preview!

This just in from New York magazine:All week on the Comics Page, we're excerpting Good As Lily, a charming English-language manga written by Derek Kirk Kim and drawn by Jesse Hamm, coming in August from Minx.Read the first of five installments.Also, some great reviews of Jeff Parker and Mike Wieringo's Spider-man/Fantastic Four miniseries. Kleefeld | Zodarzone | Every Day is like Wednesday |

Father's day.

Art Buchwald had a Thanksgiving column that he used to rerun every year. I think I'm going to approach Father's Day the same way. This was originally published in Portland Monthly magazine. (click to enlarge)$209 Round Trip.

This week, the town is ours.

I love that photo. Anyhow, Periscope has the feature illustrations in both of this week's free papers. Colleen Coover's done all the art for the Portland Mercury's Pride Week supplement. and Rich Ellis has the cover and nearly a dozen illustrations in the latest Willamette Week.The Mercury also announced that they're changing their name to the Portland Periscope.

For Immediate Release.

NATION'S LARGEST COMICS STUDIO EXPANDS, GETS NEW NAMEPORTLAND, OREGON. June 14, 2007Mercury Studio, the largest studio of freelance comic book creators in North America, announced today that it has a new name: Periscope. This follows a move to a new space overlooking downtown Portland, long known as a major hub of the comics industry. "We often invited creators from all ends of the field to come

Keep that eye interested.

The Portland Tribune picked up on our show at Floating World and has some art. And that show, by the way is at 20 N.W. Fifth Ave. #101, Call 503-241-0227 for more info. (Special thanks to VJ for reminding us that information like the address of an event can come in handy.)This is the sort of thing that Jesse blogs about better than I do, but I followed a Journalista link to Austin Kleon's post

First Thursday, last Mercury post.

Lightly edited from Floating World's myspace blog:Portland’s best kept secret: we are a comics town. The list of local comics creators and publishers gets larger every year. I think it should be a point of pride that Portland is the West Coast comics capital of the nation.For example, PERISCOPE (formerly MERCURY STUDIO) located in downtown Portland is the largest in the comic book industry. Home