Hahn interviewed.

I had the seed of a story about two people whose budding friendship is interrupted by catastrophe scribbled in the margins of my sketchbook for about a year. It was then that Shelly Bond at DC/Vertigo asked me to pitch something for the Minx line back in February ‘06. At that time everything about Minx was top secret, so naturally I had never heard of the imprint.Read more: David Hahn interview

Gimme five

Over on another message board, there's a discussion of stories that hit hard again and again. Here's my list of five that have never lost their impact for me.Lee and Ditko's Spider-man #33 The opening of the last chapter of the "Master Planner" storyline, with the big machine-lifting opening sequence.Chester Brown's Yummy Fur #4 Forgiven. An powerful nightmare of a story, presented simply,

Third Whiteout series.

In 1998, novelist Greg Rucka debuted on the comics scene with the four issue mini-series “Whiteout” from Oni Press. With artist Steve Lieber handling the visuals, the series which followed U.S. Marshall Carrie Stetko investigating a murder at the McMurdo Station in Antarctica, was an instant hit, garnering four Eisner Nominations. Not content to rest on their laurels, the duo revisited the life

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The second episode of FLYTRAP is now online. This one's called "Deep, too." It's illustrated by our own Ron Chan, who recently completed "A Dummy's Guide to Danger" from Viper.You can also read (or re-read) the entire first episode of Flytrap, here.

Second icon from Colleen.

Sara Ryan has released the second of the seven icons designed by Colleen Coover to illustrate Sara's new novel The Rules for Hearts. Sara's website has instructions for how to get a free set of vinyl stickers of all seven icons.

Strange Whiteout filming update from IMDB

The word comes down from Manitoba:"Everyone in town here is getting flyers in the mail that ask for extras. They're looking for 'people who look like scientists that have been working in harsh, cold weather for a long period of time'. Which means I can't be one, since I stay inside most of the time and don't have the wind burnt face. Plus they ask for flexible hours between March 5th-18th, and I

Dwayne's World.

Jeff Parker and I were taking yesterday about good advice we've been given, and after a few minutes, both of us came to the conclusion that the best we ever heard came from Dwayne McDuffie. Here it is.Dwayne's advice to Parker:Not long after The Interman came out I was at the excellent Earth 2 Comics in Sherman Oaks, which is very close to the Warner Animation offices where Dwayne worked. Jud and

What about a panda?

So I took a look at the latest development in the latest funnybook pissing match, wondering if there's one party that's obviously in the wrong. "It all seems so pointless," I thought, "but nothing's black and white."Then I remembered this, from an interview with David Mamet:INTERVIEWERIs there a moment in one of your plays that you really didn’t know was there?MAMETYes. I wrote this play called

The Rules for the Sara/Colleen sticker giveaway.

Novelist/comics writer Sara Ryan has a new book coming out. On her blog, she writes:Courtesy of the lovely and talented Colleen Coover, here's the first of seven icons based on different elements of The Rules for Hearts. I'll release one a week, each with a quote from the book, until the beginning of April. Feel free to use them wherever you'd like! And if you put them somewhere on your blog,


Dylan Meconis reports that her "Battlestar Galactisimpsons" drawings made #1 on Sci Fi Magazine's "Watch List.

Today, I'll play "bury the lede."

Doritos and FeetSo, we've had this vexing question that's annoyed and puzzled us for years. Yesterday, we decided to take action and see if there's an answer. We wrote a letter to the customer service manager of Alvin & Company.Hi. First, I should note that I realize this might sound like a prank question, but honestly, it isn't.I'm part of a studio of comic book artists and we all use Alvin

Arnim Zola

Evil Swiss biochemist Arnim Zola, courtesy of Colleen Coover:Colleen's going to be at the Beasts signing Friday the 2nd at 7:00 pm at the Grass Hut on Burnside.Also, at a garage sale last weekend, we found further proof of Jesse Hamm's Durden the Menace theory: