Some Mercury solicitations

DC's got new solicitations up for books shipping in January, and Mercury members are well represented.

Ron Randall's Constantine adaptation.

Drew Johnson's Wonder Woman trade paperback. (cover by J.G. Jones)

Matthew Clark's Adventures of Superman tpb. (Cover by Gene Ha.)

Party Johnson

Lessee if I can put up a picture without Lieber bumping it down for ten minutes... today's addition comes from Harris Comics editor Maureen McTigue who scored this sketch from our star of the Wonder Woman monthly, Drew Johnson. I don't know what Wildcat has to do with the Legion, nor why they're kids and have to party to that damn song that played everywhere in the 90's, but we don't question

Attention actresses: You and Edith Head.

I guess this is "comics-to-film" news. Mike Pignataro of Whisperdog Productions is directing an adaptation of "Me and Edith Head" as part of his work at the Zaki Gordon Institute for Independent Filmmaking -- and the auditions for the part of Katrina will take place very soon.

Check out the preproduction information on the Whisperdog website -- if you're anywhere near Chandler, Arizona, and you


Thanks to local comics supporter Rob Casteel for sending over a couple of pieces from his famous Sandman sketchbook-- he got a Destiny from David Hahn and a Dream from Matthew Clark. See our talented boys, we love them so much, such boys...

If you have something cool one of our studio did for you, scan it up and send it over. It's always funny to watch one of us see a drawing we don't remember

Change of plans

There's a brief interview with me up at talking about the spx book.

And an even briefer review of the Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating Graphic Novels over at">Johanna's Previews rundown.

Blogging will probably be sparce for a while, unless someone else at the studio decided to pick up the slack. It appears that, contrary to


David Hahn, Matthew Clark, Drew Johnson, Brian Michael Bendis, David Mack and many other creators will be guests of the Portland Comicon. there's no webpage available, but it's on Sunday, October 10th, at the Rose Quarter.

Meanwhile, in Minnesota, Jeff Parker will be a guest at Fallcon. Details at his blog.

I'll be in Spain, at the Gijon Comics Festival. Therefore, I win.

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More links.

From Johanna, here's a review of Drew Johnson's latest issue of Wonder Woman.

Here, for you art collectors, are a couple of cool ebay auctions from Jeff Parker.

Over at B. Clay Moore's board, we have the cover of Four Letter Worlds, an anthology from Image that'll feature new work from Joe Casey, Andi Watson, Robert Kirkman, Jay Faerber, Mike Hawthorne, Phil Hester, Mike Huddleston, Chyna

Linkblogging: interviews and awards

My teacher, my hero, and a man who projects the personal authority of an Easter Island statue:Joe Kubert,interviewed at Newsarama.

Over at his message board, Jeff Mason has listed the winners of the 2004 Ignatz Awards. Looks like Craig Thompson was the big winner of the night, taking home bricks for both Outstanding Artist and Outstanding GN or Collection.

Speaking of Craig, here's an article