New Sacco interview

Found this over at Mother Jones. Portland's own Joe Sacco talks about comics, journalism, and comics journalism.

Reviewing me, convening locally

Here are links to reviews of some recent works of mine. (Attention studio-mates: Sorry for making this so Lieber-centric. If you've got stuff you want me to link, send it.) Gotham Central #32 shipped in June. It's a terrific one-shot story about a couple of corrupt Gotham cops. Greg Rucka wrote it, and I did the pencils and inks on the interior. It's been pretty well reviewed: Fanboy Planet |

He's right.

Over at Fanboy Rampage, they're snarking on something John Byrne wrote:"I need lots of reference, to orient myself in the changed reality of the current Superman... I can't switch on my default Jimmy Olsen, for instance, because Jimmy doesn't look the way he used to. Nor does Lois. Nor does Perry. This is very much a part of what makes it feel like doing a whole new and different character... I

TABU by Fletcher Hanks.

The writing's like Bob Burden writing Tarzan for radio, and the art is equally surreal. There's an old piece of advice where pencilers are told to make the page work like a silent film. Fletcher seems to have taken it literally and stuck with the limited camera placements and stage-audience distance from the action that characterized some of the earliest silents. Read TABU here.

Jim Ottaviani visits Mercury

We were lucky enough to have Jim Ottaviani of G.T. Labs as a guest in the studio last week. Here's Jim showing off some of Mark Schultz's illustrations from a book he's got coming out soon: the never-before published autobiography of legendary dinosaur artist Charles R. Knight. I was lucky enough to read an advance copy and the book is a lively, fun read. And Schultz's illustrations are, of

Artist Alley Tips, pt. 90

I started to post some tips to David Lewis in the comments, and then realized I could squeeze a post out of it. It's also really to me and the other Mercury astronauts, because we need to remember all this as the summer convention season revs up.First, you ain't smelt Nothing unless you attended the old NY conventions at the Javits Center! Some particularly ripe fans who exuded Campbell's soup as

The latest.

A David Lewis is venting a bit about conventions. I've done a few conventions in my time, so I can certainly sympathize, but it's an indisputable truth that the more someone needs to read a rant like this, the less likely he is to recognize himself in your depictions. You can go ahead and let off some steam, but be aware that all you are going to do is A: get a few nods from people who already