Lieber in Seattle, many others at Wonder Woman day.

I'll be a guest at theSeattle Comicard Convention. Seattle, WA. October 28, 2007. 10 AM to 5 PM. in the Rainier Room at Seattle Center. Guests include Ben Hansen, Brandon Jerwa, Chad Du Lac, Chris Anderson, Paul Gulacy, Quenton Shaw, Randy Emberlin, Ryan Miskiman, and Tom Peyer. And, uh, me. Stop by, say hey and if I've got time, I'll doodle out a free quick sketch for you.But if you're not in


Our friends at Floating World Comics write to say:FLOATING WORLD COMICS PRESENTS: "DAY OF THE DEAD ART OPENING"with FAREL DALRYMPLE & KAZIMIR STRZEPEKJoin us this 1st Thursday, Nov. 1st for a special Dayof the Dead art celebration with local artist FarelDalrymple and Seattle artist Kazimir Strzepek.Farel made a big splash in the indy comics scene withhis debut 'Pop Gun War' and his acclaimed

Paul puts the scope in Periscope.

As Paul works on his coffee table tome Boilerplate: History's Mechanical Marvel, he maintains an elusive political stance. Is Boilerplate right-wing military history, or left-wing social history? Getting clues from his personal life can be equally confusing. He was involved with peace movements before America went into Iraq, but a few weeks ago it looked like he was training for a contractor

Mike, Mike and Bruce.

Q. You each work in slightly different, though certainly overlapping, sectors of fandom. What have you learned from each other?BRUCE CAMPBELL: Well, I've learned that you've got to do comics and merchandising and everything else with your movies. It's a better deal.The nice thing about working with Dark Horse is they not only make movies, they can handle publishing, they can handle comics, they

So that's where that Ditko hair came from.

Milton Caniff:Steve Ditko:Ditko panel from the Ditko Looked Up site.

I think I'd rather have this than a legit one.

(hat tip to Monty Kane of Planet Saturday for pointing us towards the photo from

First Whiteout bookstore display.

This was a pleasant surprise. I was wandering through a Borders bookstore near the studio and saw this graphic novel display: I'm pretty sure that's the first time I've seen anything of mine on display in a bookstore. I've no idea if the person responsible heard about the movie or just liked the new cover or what, but it's way, way flattering to be propped up next to Amano and Watchmen.John

Anachronistic passions.

"Talisman is McNeil's sonnet to the love of a great book. "It's about being a book nerd, loving a story," McNeil once said, and it envisions a future when that identity and such passion are anachronisms."Blogging for the Oregonian, Steve Duin writes about Carla Speed McNeil's Talisman, the 4th volume of her graphic novel series Finder.

New nerd zenith reached.

I just need to note for the record that at 3:58 on a Friday there's a bunch of us singing along with Julie Andrews on the Sound of Music soundtrack.

Getting published in a lit magazine is usually more difficult.

I was at the Alberta food co-op last night with Sara, browsing the magazine rack when I spotted what looked like a new literary magazine:A Public Space. Something in the design makes me think of Tin House, which I always enjoy. Quick flip to the table of contents, and, hey, William Vollmann and a section of writing about Antarctica? I'm sold. I toss it in the basket with the apples and oatmeal

Farel Dalrymple at Bridge City Comics

Bridge City Comics is proud to announce a special release party for Omega: The Unknown #1 tonight, Thursday, October 11, starting at 6 p.m.!Portland comic book artist (and creator/artist/writer of critically-acclaimed Pop Gun War) Farel Dalrymple will be on hand at the event to talk about Omega: The Unknown, comics, art and more. Purchase a copy of Omega: The Unknown #1 at Bridge City Comics and

The Spline Doctors

So I've been reading a blog written by Pixar animators who also, at least when they started the blog, were teaching animation at night at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. A lot of the stuff that they talk about for animation is really very applicable to drawing a comic or a storyboard.Like this, from a post about how to improve your characters' "acting," from Dr. Stephen G:"Here is an

Rick's movie. Dylan's book.

"(Hollywood Gang Productions)has optioned rights to graphic novel The Last Christmas from Image Comics.Written by Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan, the novel revolves around Santa Claus, who turns his back on Christmas and goes into seclusion after nuclear war has destroyed the world. When the North Pole gets attacked, Santa must battle zombies and renegades to save the remaining survivors, and

My first comic book.

My mother threw out most of my comics when I went off to college, but a few years ago when my dad died, I found a brown paper bag in his basement containing a few comics I'd left at his place at some point in my early teens. Among them was this, this first comic I ever owned.5 year old me seems to have carefully outlined most of the Namor figures throughout the comic in ballpoint, which would

David Hahn's Spider-man Loves Mary Jane, collected.

"Team MJ welcomes new series artist David Hahn! In the aftermath of recent shocking revelations, what's the story between Mary Jane and Peter? Between Peter and Gwen? Between Liz and - Oh, who CARES?! Is that Firestar?! What's the second most awesome redhead in the world got planned for Spidey this time? Well, we're sure not gonna tell you here! Collecting SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE #16-20."

Nice Stumptown Comics Fest endorsement

Designer Toast writes:"Now, I did have some reservations about coming to this show. I've been a mainstream comics collector and reader, and really thought of a lot of indie stuff as being a bunch of disgruntled political burnouts. Not true at all and I've spent more money at this show than I would at a mainstream comic convention. Being exposed to indie press and creators has been a refreshing

Post Stumptown coverage, plus a Jonathan case interview

CBG: For those not in the know, please explain the basic concept of Sea Freak.JC: Sea Freak is the story of an atomic sea mutant in the 1960's whose poet soul is at odds with his need to eat teeny boppers. And that's not his only worry. He also has a chorus of three little crabs living on his body, and they want nothing to do with a change of diet. Still, he's adopted a human sense of justice

Carla and Dylan at the red table.

Carla Speed McNeil visited the studio today. She and Dylan Meconis were cackling like lunatics working together on some design sketches.