Heartbreakers Meet Boilerplate!

This just in from Paul Guinan and Anina Bennet:Our new graphic novel, Heartbreakers Meet Boilerplate, is being solicited right now for June publication--and it's like nothing you've seen before. We know everyone says that, but in this case it's true! Find out for yourself. Then contact us if you'd like an interview, pages to post on your site, or anything else we can provide.The art for this book

Preemptive Strike: BS Walks!

Mercury is about to be featured again in a prominent Portland magazine (and you can be sure Kevin at Thought Balloons will know about it before we do, somehow) so I'd like to nip some things in the bud, as Barney Fife would say. We've been soundly ignored on our recent plea to stop asking if you can bring your talented or directionless children by the studio. We have our own talented and

Your links for the weekend.

DC Comics reports that THE FLASH #219 and WONDER WOMAN #214, featuring the 2-part story "Truth or Dare," have sold out at DC Comics. Drew Johnson's pencils on the Wonder Woman issue are something to see.As further proof that Pete Woods is not dead, here's a page of his work on Catwoman.Thanks to the tireless efforts of Sean McKeever, Matthew Clark's spectacular run on Inhumans has finally been

Wednesday afternoon

Thanks to the recent media coverage, we've had an ungodly number of requests for studio visits. Many of these are from people who think that a room full of overloaded electrical outlets and foul-mouthed freelancers fighting brutal deadlines would be the perfect place to bring an entire class of fifth graders. I'm sorry, but it isn't. We're just not set up for school tours. Really. There are days

Lieber's Lentil Soup

Acquire:2 cups lentils (brown or green)2 white/yellow onions1 WHOLE BULB of GARLICTomatos or tomato paste- "some"2 potatoesChicken-Style SeitanCumin-to tasteCarrots-1/4 cupPossibly more garlicChopped Spinach- like, a quarter poundThis is what I'm working on while working, trying to duplicate Steve Lieber's Lentil Soup. Which is hard, because Steve's a real cook, which means he doesn't know what

Hahn interviewed.

"Being a typical, second-guessing, insecure artist type, I thought my fill-ins would fall flat on their face."The Pulse interviews David Hahn about his fill-in on Fables.

David Hahn is on the web

This link will take you to Hahn Dynasty, David's brand new website. Let's encourage some linkage here. We've got three copies of David's convention sketchbook, All Nighter, to give away. Add a link to David's site from your website or blog, and let us know in the comments to this thread. A week from now we'll put the names in a hat and draw three. The winners will each get a copy of the

New Mercury photos

New photos of our visit to the Emerald City Comic con in Seattle this February have been posted.Also, we gotspictures of our lunch with DC bat-editor Bob Schreck. A favorite:As a special bonus, pictures from last month's gallery exhibit, "Tell-tale Particles."-Paul

Feeling guilty- must post.

We've been blog-negligent here at the studio. This means, I'm happy to say, that we've been making our deadlines rather than writing clever things here. Still, a neglected blog is an unhappy thing, so I thought I'd stick a few things of moderate interest out where everyone can see them.Sean Stewart's wonderful fantasy novel Perfect Circle is up for a Nebula. We worked on a spin-off together, a