Loving the living planet.

Scans Daily looks in at the Grendel miniseries I did many years ago. They also had an epic thread appreciating the latest issue of Jeff Parker and Juan Santacruz's Marvel Adventures Avengers #12. (Though they do manage to get through sixty-some posts without ever mentioning Juan or Jeff. Hey Scans people, these stories don't just happen. If you like the stuff enough to scan and upload it, why not

Interesting exhibit of a local webcartoonist's work

Ben Bittner is showing brass plate etchings(!) of his webcomic cooking with Anne at one of my favorite coffeshops, Tiny's on MLK. I missed the opening, but was glad to see the plates, which are lovely, fragile-looking objects. The comic itself can be read here. I haven't read too far in the strip, but what I've seen looks interesting. Rough linework anchored by solid composition in service of a


Two Mercury Spider-books came out on Wednesday: David Hahn's second issue of Spider-man Loves Mary Jane and The first issue of Jeff Parker's Spider-man/ Fantastic Four. Hahn's book is getting nice coverage at Comixtreme and Dean Trippe's journal. And they're going ape over Parker and Wieringo at All this and Earth 2 , Comics should be good , Hasn't Happened Yet , Unnatural Devotions ,

What, exactly, does big imply?

I went to something-Orchid, a hair salon in Portland's inadequate Chinatown that Colleen Coover recommended. The owner stopped right in the middle of someone else's style-job, leaving her sitting in the chair with strange things in her hair while I got my quick buzzcut. She made conversation, as all barbers will, and asked me if Sara and I had any kids. I said no. She seemed a little put off,