Emerald City Comicon

Many Mercury members will be heading up to Seattle for the Emerald City Comicon this weekend: Jeff Parker, Colleen Coover, David Hahn, Ron Randall, Ron Chan, Steve Lieber and Paul Guinan. Karl and Matthew won't be able to make it, unfortunately. Here's the complete guest list.If you're there, stop by and introduce yourself!SL

Wednesday's linking

"So what was good? First rule: look for Jeff Parker’s name."Johanna Draper Carlson talks about new superhero comicsHere's the first part of an interview with Too Much Coffee Man auteur Shannon Wheeler"it’s a homecoming film of sorts for one of the city’s most talented creative duos, the brothers Jacob and Arnold Pander. They describe “Selfless" as a “sexy psychological thriller about the


Call this a David Hahn kind of day: First, a couple of great reviews of his first issue of Spider-man Loves Mary Jane at Comixtreme and Living Between Wednesdays.And then, from somewhere in Manitoba, a Whiteout filming update that focuses entirely on airplanes.

More Whiteout movie news.

"Gabriel Macht will star opposite Kate Beckinsale in action-thriller "Whiteout," the first pic from Joel Silver's Warners-based Dark Castle Entertainment banner. Tom Skerritt and Columbus Short also will star."Read the rest at Variety.

Let's learning together.

Zevon is a six-year-old Welsh corgi named after the singer Warren Zevon because he is so energetic he's truly an "excitable boy". He loves nothing more than to run-- something that, unfortunately, started to cause him great pain and often left him lame for days after even a small amount of play. Zevon was operated on in late January 2007 and the surgery went quite well. So well, in fact, that

Portland cartoonists all over the web.

Anne Timmons has a new book coming out.Linda Medley gave a talk at Wondercon.Sara Ryan has released the latest icon from her sticker campaign with Colleen Coover.Sarah Oleksyk just put up new pages fromIvyDylan Meconis' Family Man just hit the one year mark with its 53rd episode. Happy anniversary!

Boilerplate in Japan

As Paul Guinan works at full steam finishing the Boilerplate coffee-table book, his robot continues its blog tour of the world wide web. The latest review of the Boilerplate site comes from this Japanese blog. The latest images produced for the book can be seen on the Boilerplate News page which is updated every couple weeks. The book is being published by Collectors Press, and is due for a fall

Steve's off to Wondercon.

I'll be at the con all three days, sitting in artist's alley, table AA78. Stop by and mention you saw this on the Mercury Studio blog and time permitting, I'll doodle out a free quick sketch.Hm. I guess I might as well start my con diary. I haven't done one in a while, so let's see if I still have anything to say.Thursday,March 1st. Sara and I got home late Wednesday night after an evening at the