Glorious Color Agents

Over at All the Rage/Silver Bullet Comicbooks there looks to be some color previews of those Leonard Kirk AGENTS OF ATLAS pages. She's not mentioned, but the colorist on the book is the unmatched Michelle Madsen, who we were very happy to land. She knows her stuff!

He Flew Too Close...

Yes, this week our Mercury Patient is David "Tony Hawk" Hahn, who was having a great time in Colorado whitewater rafting and making four successful jumps off a ramp with a mountain bike. Number five, not so much. If you have an extra clavicle and four ribs, please forward them to our attention.

Fun Home

I went to see Alison Bechdel at Powell's last Thursday, where she read from her new graphic novel Fun Home. It was a terrific event, with a big, enthusiastic crowd. Bechdel's approach to an author reading was perhaps the first successful one I've ever seen from a cartoonist. Fun Home has a clear verbal narrative in the captions and she read these from a typed script while projecting a slide show

Weekend notes

Tiny Ogre has a review of the Four Letter Worlds anthology. It's a Japanese site so we're not sure what's being said. But thanks to babelfish, here's a rough translation:The man and woman of the deck which talks together with Christmas and the coffee. Respectively the cover り which is not relation above the so far good friend with the sweetheart. But, today circumstance had changed.... (Anew) It

Wednesday update

Mercury Cleans up pretty good.Congrats to Jeff Parker! His run on Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four was nominated for a Harvey Award. And for the record- there was no, repeat, NO clever Crossgen lunchroom campaign to make that happen. I honestly don't think anyone in the studio even rememebered to vote in the Harveys this year. Apparently what happened was that enough people who care about these

I have a political doppelganger!

It used to be, if you put "Terri Nelson, Mercury" into The Google, I came up, and you could go see stuff about comics. Now, however, The Google automatically decides you must have spelled my name wrong and you really want to know about some dude named Terry Nelson, who apparently had something to do with why Bush is president.I'd like to rectify this confusion and so I am issuing the following