The Mates Brotel

Forget Psycho, the only thing crazy about this Norman is he's crazy fun to hang out with!

Yes it's the Mates Brotel. We're all bros and mates here!
Bring your mum!


An air-punching call to arms for good feelings.


The sea dude debuts in the first page of his first adventure!

"We're leaving. Now."

The first sound they heard rolling in on the wind was that of the dogs, powerfully throwing their messages of excitement and warning to each other in a network of barks spanning the whole town. This was nothing too unusual. There was the faint suggestion of voices also, cheering maybe, the ends of loudly spoken sentences, barely audible after their sizable journey, just managing to slip through the kitchen window.

Perhaps there was a parade on.

The first loud crash, reminiscent of distant building work (a crane dropping a heavy load maybe) raised alarm bells. The second, louder and followed by a low, stomach-shuddering rumble, demanded one to step outside and look.

Upon seeing the enormous eerie figure looming over the town and the hazy suggestion of more, appearing from beyond the mountains, the cheers were translated into screams. No more was particularly thought or said.

"We're leaving. Now."

The Equine Prophet

Thanks for that Equine Prophet.

Getting too into it

I altered the original version of this comic to address readability issues. I've included the original first frame as an image in it's own right because I liked how the guy looked and I was quite happy with this sleepy spaceship/living room environment. In the comic now, the sleeping guy is beardless and his face is in full view as people weren't understanding him at first glance. I also blued the colours a bit to make it more consistent with the glow of the tv and to hopefully help people make the connection between the two rows more quickly.