Matthew Clark's first Thursday? Still on.

Like we said- he's doing a lot better.First Thursday • JUNE 1, 2006Sequential Art is proud to present Matthew Clark’s HEROES?, a selection of his original artwork from the monthly comic series, OUTSIDERS, published by DC Comics. OUTSIDERS chronicles the exploits of costumed superhuman adventurers who break the ‘rules’ of the superhero establishment, thus blurring the line between the ‘good guys’

And a bit more Toth analysis

A decade or so ago, I wrote a Usenet post analyzing and comparing a couple of Toth stories that were from the same series, but used very different storytelling techniques. Through the magic of google news, it's still available, and I'm posting it here in case it might be of some interest to someone who hasn't made a broad study of the man's work and wonders what sort of things to look for. Here's

Too much bad news lately.

Bad news- I'm tired of it. Here are a bunch of photos of friends, family and members of the studio.Jeff Parker, Pete Woods, and Paul Guinan.Susan Tardif.Ron Randall and Matthew Clark. Rich Ellis.Paul Guinan.Rachel Dodson.Pete and Rebecca Woods.Ron Randall and Karl Kesel.Terry Dodson.Our new intern, Eric Schuster.Jesse Hamm.Stephen Reid Parker.Jeff Parker.Celeste Woods.

RIP Alex Toth."Alex Toth was one of my favorite artists." It's true, but spectacularly inadequate. For a comic book illustrator, that's a lot like saying "I have a brain and at least one functioning eye." I've learned so much about the craft of storytelling from studying the man's work -- both his art and his writing about art -- words fail me. As an

Doing Well, Thanks For Asking

Matthew Clark thanks everybody who's been writing and calling to check on his health, and wants you to know he's resting and doing pretty good.

Two days in a row. Yow.

Jeff Parker's got a new book coming out from his publishing imprint Octopus Press. DEAR JOHN-The Alex Toth Doodle BookKarl Kesel's in the studio today, working on an issue of Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters. I snuck over and scanned a page while he wasn't looking:I liked this interview with Douglas Wolk over at Graphic Language. Wolk is easily one of the most interesting comics critics

It's been too long.

Matthew Clark writes:You all can mark your calendar JUNE 1st and join me. I'll be showing selected OUTSIDERS pages. Helping me with the show will be SHIFT, KATANA, INDIGO, NIGHTWING, GRACE, and ARSENAL. They'll be handing out flyers there, looking for MALLAH and the BRAIN, hiding somewhere in the galleries. You can help and collect a reward.I'll also be showing off my latest piece with Aimee