Even better than egosurfing: Worldcat

WORLDCAT is now available to the public. It's a big search of world library catalogs; you can use it to search for books and publications to find out out how many library systems carry them. It's not an exhaustive seach- plenty of libraries don't participate, books are sometimes double listed, and the results give you library systems, not individual branches. (Though further clicks will take you

Shaolin Monk VS. Caveman

Who'd win?Seriously, we have this argument like, twice a week.-Parker

More Unauthorized Atlas Chatter

Parker may have a hit on his hands:Comix Experience | Wally Whateley | Newsarama | Lex Luthor | Barbelith | Jack Ketch | Signalbleed | Broken Frontier | Scoop | Big Monkey Comics | Well Red Press | The X-Axis | Actifforum | Dadiceguy | Leave Your Spandex Some photos of friends of the studio, courtesy of Susan:David Hahn and Jonathan CaseRich Ellis and Cat FarrisSusan

Spurgeon does Parker.

I apologize if anyone actually visualizes that headline.Jeff Parker was interviewed today at Tom Spurgeon's site The Comics Reporter. They talk Toth, Interman, Agents of Atlas, and much, much more.Parker's motivational team.Speaking of Atlas, the great reviews and notices keep rolling in: Photon Torpedoes | Every day is like Wednesday | All this and Earth 2 | Chris Roberson | That's my

ATLAS at last.

The reviews are coming in for the first issue of Jeff Parker's AGENTS OF ATLAS, and it's thumbs up all around:Stumblebum Studios, | Dave Van Domelen, | Velocity Comics, | Comics Nexus, | Paperback Reader, | Dewey's Comics.

Drifting back to normal.

The time around San Diego is always weird, and this was no exception. Most of Mercury Studio left town for the show, but we were actually pretty busy here. Portland was hit by a heat wave that weekend, and our building is air conditioned, so a bunch of other local cartoonists came by to use the empty desks: Bill Mudron, Jesse Hamm, Dylan Meconis, Colleen Coover, Root Nibot and Jenn Manley Lee all