"A shit-ton of assassin ass."

"Van Meach, the lovable mutant of a government project called Interman, is on a mission to find out where he came from while simultaneously kicking a shit-ton of assassin ass. Parker's crisp, detailed scenery sucks you into a world of government cover-ups and an international quest to find answers to a cold war project gone awry."Jeff Parker's The Interman reviewed in the Portland Mercury as part

Run to your local indy-friendly store.

Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder Lizards by Jim Ottaviani and Big Time Attic hits stores today.We've all been watching for this one carefully, and we couldn't be more excited about its arrival. Looks like the industry agrees, too, as it was one of the buzz books of SPX this year, and sold out long before the end of the show. Here's what Variety's Comics Blog says about it:"If there wasn’t a

Just Hold It.

NOTE TO FELLOW STUDIO MEMBERS: Hey guys, I'm the one who walked out with the Orion Bathroom Key in my pocket. You'll just have to make do with the Snake Plisken one until I get in around 2:00 today. Sorry.--Parker

Links for early Tuesday

I wonder if Marvel will work this into the publicity for Omega the Unknown? Jonathan Lethem named a Macarthur Genius Fellow Speaking of genius, when the Macarthur people get around to recognizing minicomics, Sean Bieri better be at the head of the line. Seanrecently posted some good news at Sequential Tart.I'd love to show you some art from the issue of Gotham Central I'm working on, but I can't,

Daily Sketchbook

From David Hahn:I just want to let the good readers of the Mercury Blog know that I am going to attempt to post a page a day (starting yesterday) from my sketchbook on my blog at Stop Saying "Amazing"!I will attempt to do this from now until the end of time, but I'm sure I'll miss a day here and there. I contribute to my sketchbook almost daily and I should do the same with my blog, so hopefully

Weekend update

Steve here. You know, I can't believe Parker made it throughbeverage week without paying tribute to this American Classic. Oh man, I could drink me down a couple of cold ones right now.Two more great reviews of Flytrap.The Comic Queen starts her review with something I need to work harder on. "I honestly have yet to figure out why Lieber and Ryan don’t get more attention for their work." And

Home Alone

David Hahn here. I've been asked by a lot of people what my home studio set up is like. Okay, just one guy asked, but I thought it would be fun to post pictures of my home workspace. I'm hoping my studio mates will do the same, even if they just sit on the couch with the lapboard, let's see it! I think it's cool to see what our personal environments look like when we do what we do: Draw guys


"Sara's a novelist. She's used to autonomy when telling a story. 95% of my work has been collaborations. So of course she's flexible and easy to work with while I'm a total prima donna."That's Lieber, telling us what we already knew. He and Sara talking to Newsarama about their project, FLYTRAP. They all say the word "batch" a lot, and for some reason take an extended moment to smack Sean Bieri

But Enough About You...

here's what I'm doing:I've written an X-Men Unlimited story for issue # 11, due out next month. I received the pencils and some of the colored pages. Suh-weet. David Aja is the artist and his stuff is fabulous, reminds me of Karre Andrews's work. That's the New Mutants, Sunspot and Cannonball, hanging out there.Also, I drew the cover (in Adoble Illustrator, 6 hours) to an upcoming book called

Heartbreakers? Met Boilerplate.

And the Statesman Journal has a review of it right here. Thank goodness we have Mike Jozic to find this stuff for us since Paul won't pass it on.

Hurricane Art

Jeff Parker here--I'm repeating my post from Mystifying Oracleof what I'm auctioning this week for Gulf Coast flood victims. Please spread this around if you're a blogger or message boarder, more of Mercury Studio will be putting up art when they get in this week. My story in Dark Horse's THE ESCAPIST is coming out soon, and I'm going to use some pages from that for any Katrina Relief auctioning.

Confidential to David

On Larsen's "old stuff" essay.

"Your old stuff was better" is a horrible thing for any artist to hear. Speaking as a reader and a cartoonist, though, there are times when I've thought it myself. Not every artist gets better throughout their career. Some change, and some lose that special something, even as they improve as technicians. One example that comes to mind is Lou Fine. I've heard both Joe Kubert and Gil Kane remark


I thought this was worth highlighting. In a post below, I mentioned that Mark Fossen noticed a lettering technique Sara Ryan had me use in Flytrap. In the comments thread Augie responded:"I did notice what he mentions about your lettering. It's not exactly a new invention, but it is the kind of thing that's used very sparingly today. It's not in the Comicraft How To Letter book, which makes it an

Damn, he can draw.

Pete Woods has put up some new art at his livejournal.

Good press.

New blogger Mark Fossen shares his thoughts on two comics of mine. He even notices stuff about the lettering that I thought only Augie would spot. And Steven Grant has some fine things to say about Heartbreakers meet Boilerplate. And here's a photo of Wonder Woman and Fantastic Four artist Drew Johnson rehearsing for his eventual move to Los Angeles. We miss him.

Hand crafted

Industry veteran Ron Randall, drawing a page of Hawkman for DC Comics.