Super Design Day

Last week Ron Randall and I gave a talk to Ziba Design Group, who were having a special "Design Day" event. Kind of like one of those retreats where you have to fall backwords and let that asshole from Payroll catch you so later you'll trust that he actually processes your check. But much better! Under the guidance of Eric Helsin, they split up into ten groups of people from different parts of

Awful, if you think about it.

Just watched "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving." After all the business with popcorn and toast, it ends with Snoopy and Woodstock carving up a turkey and digging in. Urgh. Is there such a thing as mad-bird disease?

More Thwacking

NPR has an interview from this weekends Sunday show interviewing Chris Elliott on Shroud of the Thwacker. Unless I missed it, they didn't bring up The Boilerplate Controversy. Instead they lobbed a nice big softball, probably in deference to his dad of long radio fame. So Shroud gets "the NPR bump", that holy grail of book writers everywhere-- well, no, I guess having Oprah command her legions to

You'll Only See It Here ....and on my own blog

David here. Here are some of my penciled and inked pages from issue # 1 of Bite Club: Vampire Crimes Unit, due out from Vertigo late this winter. These are pages I colored myself as samples, but the art in the books will be colored again by the talented Brian Miller at Hi Fi. So, I just thought I post 'em and junk.

Finally, real power.

Congratulations to Karen Majewski, the new mayor of Hamtramck, Michigan. Some of you might know Karen's husband, mini-comics legend Matt Feazell.Elsewhere, there's an interview with me up at Legions of Gotham, just in time for the arrival of Gotham Central #37, which, as an Infinite Crisis crossover, has been getting a lot of attention.Speaking of which, here's a look at a page of the original

An OS X driver for the Mustek Scanexpress a3 USB

The Mustek-on-a-mac instructions have been moved to our new blog: Thanks!-Posted by Steve Lieber

Thursday update.

Lots of stuff to post today. First up, Matthew Clark's in the news. Matthew's latest issue of Outsiders has, we're told, been bagged and labeled FOR MATURE READERS by a retaailer in Arkansas.Tierney had a surprise. He had a call from a customer who also works in local law enforcement to warn him about the potential dangers of selling "homosexual content" in "Outsiders" #30.The sad thing, of

More Boilerplate/Thwacker coverage

"The site includes numerous copyright notices, but neither Elliott nor his publisher, Miramax Books, seemed to have noticed. Elliott somehow convinced himself that Boilerplate and Campion were actual historical figures and the two characters appear throughout Thwacker. Elliott offers a now humorous acknowledgement to his brother, Bob Elliott Jr. for research assistance, that notes, "…you can't