Jesse Hamm gets Boing Boing'd

Good As Lily is the latest book from Minx, who publish girl-positive comics aimed at young readers, and it may just be the best volume in the series so far. I've been a fan of the Minx comics imprint since I read the first volume, The Plain Janes. Good As Lily comes from Derek Kirk Kim (author of the multiple-award-winning Same Difference and Other Stories, and new illustrator Jesse Hamm.Cory

Fantastic Four

David here. My issue of Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four, #34 comes out next month. Written by the undeniable Paul Tobin (yes, you cannot deny him, EVER), this is our first project together. Here are some of the pages, pencilled by me, inked by Kris Justice, colored by Guillem Mari.Aww, flowers.Aww, Sue Storm Cripes! Someone just tossed The Thing through a wall!

Duin and Colleen

Colleen and her sister, Janine, grew up reading coverless comics that her grandmother salvaged from her job at the neighborhood Five & Dime. Archie Andrews and Richie Rich taught her to read, and Dan DeCarlo and Harvey Comics' artists like Warren Kremer, Ernie Colon and Sid Couchey introduced her to the wondrous effect of sharp, clean lines on the comic page.Steve Duin talks to Colleen Coover at

Kate Beaton

You should all stop what you're doing right now and go read Kate Beaton's comics.

Brand New Karl!

Karl Kesel has discovered the internet! He popped up online the other night, posting a response to a vlog at Shotgunreviews.comStumbled across your vlog– I’m not the most internet-savvy guy in town– and wanted to respond to your comment that everyone who’s written Spider-Man would rather have him single, but no one you’d talked to could tell you why single was better.I might be able to help here.

Odd Nerdrum

Besides having the best name ever, he paints like Rembrandt, if Rembrandt maybe had a psychotic break.More links about him:

Colleen's X-men art.

Colleen Coover art from X-Men:First Class. Pencil rough and finished colors.

Xenu Save us!

Tom Cruise is a Crazy Humanitarian!

Fazoli's Factoid Fake

A Boilerplate fan from back east noticed Paul Guinan's Mechanical Marvel mentioned as a factoid on a kids menu at the Italian restaurant chain Fazoli's.The factoid read "A robot called 'Boilerplate' was one of the first robots ever created. That was in 1893!"Where will the old 'bot be next? A scan of the menu is on Paul's Boilerplate site.

Guy Ritchie's Gamekeeper

Parker already posted about it on his blog, but I thought I might as well add it here too, seeing as how there hasn't been nearly enough art embedded into the blog lately.Three members of Periscope will be teaming up with Virgin comics to do the second series of Guy Ritchie's Gamekeeper! Jeff Parker be penning the words, Ron Randall be sketching the layouts, and Ron Chan be scratching on the

WFMU's Beware of the Blog: Brian Wilson's Lost Rap Recording

Whatever you do, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS!WFMU's Beware of the Blog: Brian Wilson's Lost Rap Recording