Kitsune Noir Holiday Wallpaper

My winning entry to the Kitsune Noir holiday wallpaper contest. If you don't read Kitsune Noir, you definitely should. It's a great blog and Bobby Solomon is a great blogger.

Click here to download it in a variety of screen sizes.


Basically I like mountains.

There's something out at sea

There's something out at sea


"Spera is an ongoing fantasy comic detailing the adventures of two princesses – Pira and Lono – and a fire spirit in the form of a dog named Yonder. Fleeing their homelands after a cataclysmic event, the trio turn their escapist fantasies into a stranger reality, venturing into a land of which they had only ever heard the tallest tales.

Written and created by Josh Tierney, Spera is a collaboration between artists from around the world, illustrated and told in consecutive sections that incorporate character designs by Sarah Ferrick. These sections form a tapestry of artistic styles and storytelling methods, turning the world of Spera into a poetic, surprising and wholly unique realm."

Above is a preview of the section I did for Part 2. The whole thing will appear once it goes up on the main site.
You should definitely check this out. There are some really great illustrators just in this first section such as Ray Jones and Afu Chan, all tackling the story in different ways, sometimes as a comic, sometimes as an illustrated tale. And there is a whole list of cool people queued up for the next 3 parts.

Read it here!


Ctrl.Alt.Shift Exhibition Opening

Here's me chilling with Lightspeed. This is the only picture I have to prove I was even at the opening and I'm barely on it, but who cares when I'm in a book and on a wall right? Lightspeed was a very cool dude. He knows his Star Wars and apparently he used to play Magic the Gathering so I can't help but respect the man.
Also on the wall is a comic by Julia Scheele, a very talented maker of interesting comics that I had the pleasure of (briefly) meeting there. She has a nice blog and is a contributor to Solipsistic Pop, a comic anthology I'm looking forward to getting my hands on.

Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption is still very much on sale and you can get all 96 pages for a very, very reasonable price of £4.99! All profits go to Ctrl.Alt.Shift. For a taster of what they're all about I'll cite the "about" text from their site:

"Stand up and represent - that's what Ctrl.Alt.Shift is all about. Whether you're into music, fashion, politics or direct action, photography, design, dance, art or journalism, there's a place for you within our movement to fight social and global injustice.

Since Ctrl.Alt.Shift was born in June 2008, we've stormed embassies of countries who've imposed travel restrictions on people living with HIV, highlighted the plight of the 50 million women missing in India and created awareness around countless development issues. Breaking with convention to bring about change, we work with everyone from Plane Stupid and VICE to Sadler's Wells, Tinchy Stryder, Metronomy, Shynola, Alexa Chung and David Shrigley.

It's your world, take control."

Get your copy here.




T shirt design for a different cousin's birthday!
Available for purchasement here!

Fire vs Engine

Fire vs Engine
T shirt design for my cousin's birthday.
If you like you can buy it here!

The woods are quiet

The woods are quiet
Giant footsteps make no more sound on the soft snow than a tiny pair of wellingtons.


Entry for my art department's christmas card contest.



Waxing your chest is weird.

Ennui Go!

Inspired by the song Ennui Go by rap group Magnolius for their art contest. You can listen to it here.

An enormous, bored demon/god is morosely torching a town and half heartedly doing away with it's defenders because he can't think of anything more fun to do.

Behold, King Listpin III

My winning entry for the Ctrl.Alt.Shift comic competition. It was drawn from a script written by Lightspeed Champion and is featured in the comic anthology Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption which you can buy for £4.99 here!

For more info click here or see post below.

Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption

Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption is now on sale and features a two page comic drawn by me from a script by Lightspeed Champion. This was my winning entry to a competition held by Ctrl.Alt.Shift that was judged by Marjane Satrapi, Paul Gravett and Lightspeed Champion himself. This is very exciting, both for winning and for it being my first published work!

My original artwork (with a traditional ink wash especially for display!) will be on display at Lazarides Gallery in Soho until 30th November, along side other original art from the book (including paintings by Dave Mckean, whom it is a ridiculous honour to be sharing gallery and book space with) so if you're in London at all, you should definitely stop by! It's free after all. My pages are downstairs in 'The Dungeon'.

Read more about and buy the book here!

River of Consciousness

Q. How much cooler do things look all sepia-ish?
A. Fuck loads.

Little White Lies

Entry for Little White Lies' Where the Wild Things Are cover competition.


Some People

My entry for the Guardian short graphic story competition.

We Are



A long, long overdue request that I only just got round to doing. Zombies are so 2004.

When we die


The Equine Prophet #3


Diagnosing artblock.

The Mates Brotel

Forget Psycho, the only thing crazy about this Norman is he's crazy fun to hang out with!

Yes it's the Mates Brotel. We're all bros and mates here!
Bring your mum!


An air-punching call to arms for good feelings.


The sea dude debuts in the first page of his first adventure!

"We're leaving. Now."

The first sound they heard rolling in on the wind was that of the dogs, powerfully throwing their messages of excitement and warning to each other in a network of barks spanning the whole town. This was nothing too unusual. There was the faint suggestion of voices also, cheering maybe, the ends of loudly spoken sentences, barely audible after their sizable journey, just managing to slip through the kitchen window.

Perhaps there was a parade on.

The first loud crash, reminiscent of distant building work (a crane dropping a heavy load maybe) raised alarm bells. The second, louder and followed by a low, stomach-shuddering rumble, demanded one to step outside and look.

Upon seeing the enormous eerie figure looming over the town and the hazy suggestion of more, appearing from beyond the mountains, the cheers were translated into screams. No more was particularly thought or said.

"We're leaving. Now."

The Equine Prophet

Thanks for that Equine Prophet.

Getting too into it

I altered the original version of this comic to address readability issues. I've included the original first frame as an image in it's own right because I liked how the guy looked and I was quite happy with this sleepy spaceship/living room environment. In the comic now, the sleeping guy is beardless and his face is in full view as people weren't understanding him at first glance. I also blued the colours a bit to make it more consistent with the glow of the tv and to hopefully help people make the connection between the two rows more quickly.