No report yet.

Not from us, at least, but Paul Guinan has some great photos on his site.

Here's something cool Matthew Clark and Drew Johnson will be exhibiting their original art at Portland's Pause Gallery. Their show is called "Creamy Cheesecake." I'm not sure what that indicates, but I've got a few suspicions. The opening reception will be part of First Thursday, August 5th, from 6:00-9:30 pm. Pause

Pedantic? Me?

There's a discussion going on over at the Bendis Board about draftsmanship. taking a break from the Con Report, I added my two cents. I thought people here might like to read what I had to say.
This isn't really a discussion you can have until you lay down some definitions. Good draftsmanship is all about the ability to communicate the maximum amount of useful information through minimal

Before San Diego

Pete and Rebecca Woods have gone live with Velvet Tikki. It's the sort of website that sets the pulse to racing. Your eyes narrow, ready for anything. Little beads of sweat gather on your upper lip. You click, and things are never, ever the same.I'm going to be in San Diego, as will every single other Mercury member except for Drew Johnson, who claims he has to be "best man" at his brother's "

Links a-plenty

Looks like the reviews for Ottaviani and Purvis' Suspended in Language are starting to trickle in. Here's the first.Another first review: Steven Grant gives a thumbs up to Family Reunion. And Millarworld is liking it, too. If you want a copy, visit my table at a con or paypal me a dollar. Or for two dollars, you can get Family Reunion and Me and Edith Head. I hadn't seen this before:">the

"...he never rested in his self-appointed task of making the world a better, safer, and more understandable place"

I missed this, too. Looks like I need to get out less often. Anyhow, here's Jim Ottaviani at The Pulse talking about Suspended in Language, which just arrived in stores.

I still have some free copies of Family Reunion for the bloggy people. Just write and tell me where to mail them.

Bad comic book covers.

Get 'em Here.
Via Jesse Walker.

Get yours.

Since the give-aways on Comicon and Millarworld, a lot of people have been asking about getting a copy of Family Reunion. Those of you who blog about the comics should email me at slieber234(at)yahoo(dot)com. Don't be shy.